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Umbrella Cockatoo Breeder Pairs

Umbrella Cockatoo Breeder Pairs for sale, (Cacatua alba) is a highly affectionate and loving companion pet bird, they demand a lot of attention and will want to be around their keeper most of the time. This charming bird is native to the tropical rainforest Islands of Indonesia. The Umbrella cockatoo parrot can be distinguished from other cockatoos for sale by their wholly white crest that raises whenever the bird is happy, wants to play, or excited, its beak and leg is dark. This large bird is capable of learning more than 40 words when properly trained but mostly they will confuse screaming for talking. This bird specie is highly endangered but with the right care, feeding and clean environmental habits the Umbrella cockatoo can live for more than 50 years.

The Umbrella cockatoo requires a lot of commitment and care, they are capable of bonding with their keeper for life however this giant birds don’t like to be handled to much and require enough space to play and move around. Confining this parrot specie in a small cage can cause some them to destroying the cage with their beaks, yelling, feather plucking and even biting.

Umbrella cockatoos are very intelligent and love to perform tricks, they are easy to train, they are featured in most popular bird shows and the performance they give is outstanding. Umbrella cockatoos love mental stimulation games and without them, they easily get bored. To prevent this it is advisable to provide the cockatoo with play toys or get a second Umbrella cockatoo pair to keep them busy whenever you are not around. We have a wide collection of healthy Umbrella cockatoo pairs available for adoption now, if you are interested in getting them just contact us via email at info@featheredgreyparrothome or contact us.

How To Breed Umbrella Cockatoo

Breeding Umbrella cockatoo can be very challenging if it is your first time with this particular bird specie, however it is a very satisfying and educative experience but before going into actually breeding this specie make sure you seek the expertise knowledge or guidance from an experience aviculturist. If you follow some basic guidelines to caring for your umbrella cockatoos for sale, you can provide the birds and yourself with the best possible chance for reproduction. Acquire a sexed pair of birds or establish a breeding pair and the best way to do that is to buy a few young cockatoos and allow them to pair naturally.


Like any other cockatoo bird, the umbrella cockatoo parrot feeds on seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetable, berries, roots and sometimes insects. This bird specie is liable to gain excess weight  which can be very dangerous to its health, in captivity make sure the bird receives a balance diet. As a pet, about 80 percent of their diet should be a pelleted diet. The rest of their food should consist of a wide variety of vegetables.




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