Galah Cockatoo


Specie: Rose Breasted Galah Cockatoo

Health: Very Healthy

Color: Pink

Delivery: USA and Canada

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Rose Breasted Galah Cockatoo for Sale

Rose breasted galah cockatoo for sale, also known as the pink cockatoo is a charming and intelligent bird native to Australia. This parrot is approximately 14 inch and weighs 280 to 340 grams. The Galah cockatoo is very affectionate, loving, loyal and submissive bird, they are very sensitive too and demand a lot of attention from their keeper and when they bond it is usually for life. Rose breasted cockatoo birds have a reputation of being one of the most silent birds in the cockatoo specie, if you are searching for a quiet pet bird then the galah cockatoo will make the perfect fit for you. Galah cockatoos are capable of learning new tricks easily and also imitate certain phrases and sounds that they find pleasant.


  • Clutch: 2 to 5 eggs
  • Incubation: 26 days
  • Fletch: 49 days after hatching


Rose breasted galah cockatoo feed on seeds, leaf buds, and insects. As companion pets, the galah cockatoo should feed on well formulated pellets and maintain a good balance diet to be healthy and active.


Rose breasted cockatoo is an active bird, keeping them in a cage for too long without regular exercise can lead to serious health issues. It is advisable to provide the galah cockatoo with at least three to four hours out of the cage to play and fly around. This regular free time should be done with careful supervision so that the bird does not fly away.


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