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Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale

Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale, are you looking for a pet that is loyal, affectionate, and easy to care for? Well look no further! we are offering both male and female Moluccan cockatoo’s for purchase. These birds can easily develop strong bond with their owner and can learn many tricks.

They are hand raised from young age which makes them very gentle and easy to handle. Their favorite activities include cuddling, playing with their toys, or just hanging out with other birds. They usually live 50-70 years so you will have a long time companion. Delivery is available for free anywhere in the United States and Canada!

Moluccan Cockatoo also known as Salmon Crested Cockatoo for sale is a doting bird that is capable of creating a solid and live time relationship with its owner as well as the kids in your home. Moluccan Cockatoo demand a lot of attention and are known to be very cuddlesome birds and want to be around their owner most of the time,

It is very difficult to not notice a Moluccan Cockatoo as their beautiful Salmon Pink feathers will catch your attention even from a long distance. Moluccan Cockatoo (Cacatua Moluccensis) reaches maturity at 20 inches and can live for up to 70 years depending on how well you feed and take care of them. The Moluccan Cockatoo parrot is a native to the Maluku Island in Indonesia.

Terms and Conditions 

All Moluccan Cockatoo bird purchased through our site is covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee by the Bird Breeder. If you have questions about what is covered, please view the Law associated with your state.

Within thirty days of purchasing your new Birdie, you must take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. If the veterinarian determines, within ten days of purchase, that your Bird is clinically ill or will die from an injury sustained or illness likely to have been contracted on or before the date of sale and delivery, you have the following options:

  • Return the Bird for a complete refund.
  • Return the Bird for a replacement Bird of equal value.
  • Retain the Bird and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the purchase price.

moluccan cockatoo for sale


Salmon Crested Cockatoo for Sale – Temperament

Moluccan Cockatoo also called Salmon Crested Cockatoo is a very intelligent bird capable of understanding descriptions with the right training. They are generally sweet birds, affectionate and demand nothing less than unconditional love and care from their new owners. If you are looking for an emotionally supportive Cockatoo bird then the Moluccan Cockatoo is the perfect fit and will make a great addition to your family.

The Moluccan Cockatoo bird is also capable of solving challenges meant for your year old kids and can also do tricks, this makes them to be amazing entertainers to be around after a stressful day.

Buy Moluccan Cockatoo (Moluccan Cockatoo for Adoption)

Moluccan cockatoo is a highly dependable bird that needs a lot of attention, before you buy a Moluccan cockatoo bird it is advisable that you check your daily program and if you are not going to be home often to play and cuddle then the Moluccan cockatoo is bird is not for you.

Nevertheless, you can make up for not being around by getting a pair, these paired mate usually of the opposite sex will keep the birds happy and entertained. The Moluccan parrot requires a big cage with enough space that it can move around and also come play toys to keep her entertained.

Feeding Habit

Moluccan cockatoos are food lovers, they feed on nuts, seeds, fruits and sometimes insects. It is advisable to also feed them with meals high in vitamins as poor feeding conditions can lead to destructive behaviors like feather-plucking and loud noise.

Breeding Habit

Moluccan cockatoo birds breed usually around the month of December to ending March when vegetation growth is at its highest and there is a steady food supply chain.

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    1. Liam

      Hi, Joseph Our bird made it safely. He’s had a good first day although he’s tired from the travel.

    2. Ben

      beautiful birds and friendly people. Absolutely loved my experience there!

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      I am sending few pictures of Maggi. She is doing great and everyone loves loves loves her

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      Had to wait for long before buying a parrot

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      Awesome birds

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      Amazing bird with Outstanding personality. Keep doing the good work guys ✌️

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      Hello, I just decided to leave a comment to let you know that Ela is doing great. She adapted with the change in environment so quickly. I was worried about her change in feeding routines but she seems to get along with everything just fine. Thank you guys so much.

    8. Stacy

      Had to wait an extra 3 hours before receiving the parrot. Poor shipping service and schedule. Try to work on it

    9. Stacy

      Had to wait an extra 3 hours before receiving the parrot. Poor shipping service and schedule. Try to work on it

    10. Clifford

      I’m happy with the bird and the price I got. Thank you

    11. Violet

      Having Ela is one of the best things that has ever happened for me and my family because she brings so much joy to us everyday

    12. Moluccan Bird

      I’m very disappointed with the whole delivery set up. I had to wait an extra 4 hours before getting my bird. It’s a whole journey from my house to the airport and you guys just waisted 4 hours of my time.

      • Charles Anderson

        Our deepest apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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