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Gang Gang Cockatoo For Adoption

Gang gang cockatoo, this adorable bird is native to the wetter forest and woodlands of Australia. Gang gang cockatoo birds are very intelligent, loyal, loving and caring pet birds and will want to be with their keeper most of the time. However this bird specie demands a lot of attention which can be frustrating for new owners who do not have any experience with this particular bird.

If you are searching online for where to buy a Gang gang parrot then you are in the right place. Feathered Grey Home is the number one pet store with the ideal parrot that will meet up with your expectation, we have been breeding pet birds for more than 15 years now and we take pride in saying that we are the best in what we do. We currently have a wide selection of healthy male and female gang gang cockatoo birds for adoption including other pet cockatoos like: Moluccan cockatoo for sale, Black palm cockatoo for sale. Umbrella Cockatoo for sale, Citron cockatoo for sale and many others. Check out our list of available cockatoos for sale now.

Speech and Vocalization

This parrot specie is know to be a talkative, Gang Gang cockatoo is capable of mimicking certain sounds like phone ringtones, door bell, and some common phrases including its name. If you want to improve the talking skills of your gang gang cockatoo bird, introduce her to mental stimulation games and always talk to your parrot and she will copy from you. Note that this method will require you to be patient and consistent with the parrot before you will notice any results.

Life Span

Over all our years of breeding and training pet birds, this has been one of the most common questions we often get from our customers. The Gang gang cockatoo bird can live for more than 60 years if you can handle them carefully and make sure that the bird lives in a clean and healthy environment.


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