Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale


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Specie: Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale

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Health: Very Healthy

Color: Grey with Wispy Crest

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Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale

Gang gang cockatoo for sale. Gang Gang cockatoos are gorgeous birds that make wonderful and friendly pets. They are very social and affectionate, which makes them a joy to own. We have hand-fed, well socialized gang gang cockatoo for sale available immediately. All of our birds come with full health documentation including proper veterinary papers, health guarantee, free shipping in the US, Canada with discounted price as from two birds. We also have the following cockatoos for sale now; Best Rose-Breasted Galah Cockatoos for Sale, Best Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale(Salmon Crested Cockatoo for Sale), Black Palm Cockatoo for Sale, Major Mitchell Cockatoo for Sale, Red Tailed Black Cockatoo for Sale, Red Vented Cockatoo for Sale, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo for Sale, Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale, and Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo for Sale.

All Gang gang cockatoo birds purchased through our site is covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee by the Bird Breeder. If you have questions about what is covered, please view the Law associated with your state.

Within 30 days of purchasing your new Birdie, you must take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. If the veterinarian determines, within 30 days of purchase, that your Bird is clinically ill or will die from an injury sustained or illness likely to have been contracted on or before the date of sale and delivery, you have the following options:

  • Return the Bird for a complete refund.
  • Return the Bird for a replacement Bird of equal value.
  • Retain the Bird and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the purchase price.

Buy Gang Gang Cockatoo – Gang Gang Cockatoo for Adoption

The gang gang cockatoo is a very funny but intelligent, goofy bird, they love to play and do tricks with their toys and love to be around their owner. These bird specie can be a very good entertainer after a very busy day with their personality. The gang gang cockatoo is a high maintenance pet that requires a lot of attention, staying out for long and leaving the bird alone can result to destructive habits like feather plucking.

The Gang Gang bird are definitely a perfect choice if you are looking for a fun and entertaining bird and I guarantee you that they will make a perfect addition to your family. The gang gang cockatoo is a very attractive little gray cockatoo having the same size like the rose-breasted cockatoo. Gang gang birds have a wispy backward curved crest that is bright red in the male and gray in the female.

These bird specie can be found in very small coastal strip, in the southeast of Australia, New South Wales. They develop well in tall open forests and in the regional highlands and foothills.

Unlike other cockatoo birds, the gang gang cockatoo has an eye catching and unique appearance that differentiates it from others, they are small and their iconic crest are more swollen than that of other big cockatoo birds. They are estimated to be 14 inches long and weigh from 12 ounces at maturity.

Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale

Feed and Care for a Gang Gang Cockatoo

The gang gang cockatoo should feed on a mix diet of quality pellets, fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy habit. This bird is a high maintenance bird needing a lot of attention from feeding to taking a shower, provide your bird with at least 3 hours of outside time under supervision so that they can exercise and enjoy the surroundings and will help to keep their wings healthy and strong.

The gang gang cockatoo is a playful bird that needs plenty of toys in its cage to keep it entertained. These bird is likely to suffer from feather plucking when bored or unhappy, it is important to provide this bird with plenty of attention while keeping its environment stress-free.

Breeding a Gang Gang Cockatoo

This cockatoo bird is usually difficult to breed in captivity and should be done only by breeders with expertise knowledge about this specie, it lays between 2 to 3 eggs in a single season with an incubation period of 27 to 30 days. This reproduction act is common mostly from October to January as pairs come together to mate, a nest is build within tree hollows and the pairs will often use the same nest each year.

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      Leo is the most beautiful bird I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe he’s 1 already! Please enjoy the photos and video attached in your email.

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      Everything went good, I would have given a five star but I wasn’t really satisfied with the shipping time.

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