Double Yellow Headed Amazon for Sale

Double Yellow Headed Amazon for sale are intelligent, social and very easy to train. Make the most out of your pet’s companionship with this excellent pet bird. Double Yellow Headed Amazons are a beautiful color variation of the more common Amazon Parrot. They have a white underside with yellow head, face, wings and tail feathers. If you are searching for a highly social and affectionate amazon parrot for sale then the double yellow headed amazon parrot will make the perfect fit. We also have a wide selection of other amazon parrots for sale like; Cuban Amazon Parrot for Sale, and many others.

All double yellow headed amazon purchased through our site is covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee by the Bird Breeder. If you have questions about what is covered, please view the Law associated with your state.

Within 30 days of purchasing your Double Yellow Headed Amazon, you must take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. If the veterinarian determines, within 30 days of purchase, that your Bird is clinically ill or will die from an injury sustained or illness likely to have been contracted on or before the date of sale and delivery, you have the following options:

  • Return the Bird for a complete refund.
  • Return the Bird for a replacement Bird of equal value.
  • Retain the Bird and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the purchase price.

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The double yellow headed amazon parrot is a popular bird today because of its striking colors and its ability to master a good number of words. The double headed amazon parrot is a very inquisitive bird, can learn new tricks, and even sing making them the ideal companion for any home. This medium size amazon bird measuring 14 to 16 inches can be separated from other birds by the yellow over the head, a dot with small patches of yellow right up to the back and neck, yellow feathers on the legs. while the rest of the body has a deep green color.

This amazon parrot specie originates from Mexico and Central North America where they inhabit in regions with enough water and mangrove forest. The double yellow headed amazon parrot for sale (Amazona oratrix) will make a great addition to your family, these birds when hand feed from a tender age become very affectionate and demand the attention of their owner all the time and want to be around him or her, however this personality can be disturbing if you are not able to provide that much attention. Allowing the amazon parrot idle and lonely will result to some bad behaviors that is why he advise any new owner of the double yellow headed amazon parrot who wont be able to provide the attention all the time to get a second yellow headed amazon parrot for them to pair and keep their selves entertained.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon for sale

Where to Buy Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot Online?

Looking online for a reputable breeder with healthy double headed amazon parrots for sale online? Look no more. We take pride in providing homes with loyal and well socialized hand feed yellow headed amazon parrot at competitive prices. We have been breeding the amazon parrot as well as many other parrots like the African grey parrot for sale, Macaw parrot for sale as well as Cockatoos for sale for more than 15 years now. We are very experienced with this birds and guarantee you that if you provide them with the love and care that they deserve, they will provide you with same. We ship all our birds within the States, and Canada for free, contact us today for your dream feathered buddy and have us ship her to you without any hassle.

Care and Feeding

Before considering or deciding to own a double yellow headed amazon parrot you should know these birds are high maintenance birds and will need you to take care of them most of the times. In the wild, the double headed amazon parrot feeds on seeds, nuts, fruits and sometimes insects. In captivity, you should feed the double headed amazon bird with a variety of pellets mix with some fresh fruits and green vegetables to ensure that your feathered friend is having a balance diet. You can get any of the following pellets for your birds; Higgins 144961 InTune Natural Parrot Bird Food – Best Value, ZuPreem Natural Bird Food or Tops parrot food.

The double headed amazon parrot is very versed with regular shower in the wild. It is very important to provide your bird with enough shower time and make sure the bird is clean to avoid skin infection diseases. Provide the bird with a suitable and comfortable commercial cage that it can move and play around inside, also provide some toys to play with.

Life Expectancy

The double yellow headed amazon parrot can live for about 40 years in the wild, but in captivity this bird is capable of living for about 80 years if it is well taken cared of. Owning a double headed amazon parrot will mean a life time commitment as the can even out live you.

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