Clovey (Found a home)


Name: Clovey

Category: Parrot for Sale

Specie: Congo African Grey Parrot for Sale

Sex: Male

Color: Grey

Age: 10 Years

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4 reviews for Clovey (Found a home)

  1. Marry

    Excellent service from start to finish. I will be sending you pictures of her real soon. Thank you!

  2. Bruno

    Greetings guys, I’m leaving you these message to know that Bella is doing fine and she’s adjusting to the environment very quickly. I emailed you some of her pictures already.

  3. Delish

    Hi guys, I left you an email two days ago and I still haven’t received a reply from you. Please get back to me, I will like to know if there are any available African grey parrots.

  4. Stella

    Greetings guys, I want to thank you for accepting and shipping max to us. He is very adorable and the kids can’t stop wanting to be around him always.

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