Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale


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Specie: Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale

Sex: Male and Female Available

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Health: Very Healthy

Color: White

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Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale

Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale, this gorgeous blue eyed cockatoo is playful, affectionate and likes to be part of the family. He is a great pet for any family, or just anyone who wants a loving companion. He is hand fed and comes with all health documents. We pride ourselves on providing nothing but the best for all of our birds so there’s no need to worry about your new baby! If you’re interested in more than one bird, we also offer discounts when you buy two together. We also have the following cockatoos for sale available; Best Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale(Salmon Crested Cockatoo for Sale), Best Rose-Breasted Galah Cockatoos for Sale, Black Palm Cockatoo for Sale, Gang Gang Cockatoo for Sale, Major Mitchell Cockatoo for Sale, Red Tailed Black Cockatoo for Sale, Red Vented Cockatoo for Sale, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo for Sale, Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale, and Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo for Sale.

All blue eyed Cockatoo bird purchased through our site is covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee by the Bird Breeder. If you have questions about what is covered, please view the Law associated with your state.

Within 30 days of purchasing your new Birdie, you must take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for an examination. If the veterinarian determines, within 30 days of purchase, that your Bird is clinically ill or will die from an injury sustained or illness likely to have been contracted on or before the date of sale and delivery, you have the following options:

  • Return the Bird for a complete refund.
  • Return the Bird for a replacement Bird of equal value.
  • Retain the Bird and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the purchase price.

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The blue eyed cockatoo bird is a small size bird and because of its small nature, it is easier to handle than other large cockatoo birds. This bird is very active and social and loves to spend time out of its cage interacting with its owner, This cockatoo specie is native to Australia and the southern parts of New Guinea. However, just like any Cockatoo bird, blue eyed cockatoo for sale are also very needy and require a lot of time and attention from their owner much more than any other pet bird.

This demanding personality of the blue eyed cockatoo can cause destructive habits like loud screaming, feather plucking if they are not given enough attention. It may not be the most colorful bird in the world, but this parrot makes up for its droning appearance with a unique personality trait. Playful, and smart, blue-eyed cockatoos are one of the best talking cockatoos. This cockatoo specie makes great pet for experienced bird owners that will love to own a cockatoo but don’t have the space needed to keep one of the larger species.

The Blue Eyed cockatoos love to be handled and will rest on your shoulder often, they quickly bond with their owners and will make a life time feathered mate as this birds can leave for up t0 70 years in captivity.

Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale

Feeding Blue Eyed Cockatoo

In the wild, these cockatoos feed on ground and enjoy a variety of seeds, they should be provided with a high-quality pellet diet. This parrot should also be fed a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. You can begin by offering your bird 1/4 cup of pellets and 1/4 cup of fruits and vegetables daily. Proceed to increasing the amount if needed.

Avoiding feeding a blue eyed cockatoo with avocados or chocolate as these products are toxic to birds. Rather, you will need to give your bird plenty of fresh drinking water to keep it well-hydrated. and healthy

Bare Eyed Bird Color & Marking

The Blue-Eyed cockatoo has a white color with touches of salmon-pink on its face. This bird has a horn-colored beak. It is often difficult to distinguish the males from the females since they are identical, though males are slightly larger in stature and also have somewhat larger eye patches. To be sure of the sex, genetic or surgical sexing is required. This bird was named after from the rings around its eyes that are bluish-gray in color.

Additional Information

The Blue-eyed cockatoo, like all cockatoos birds, should be given plenty of exercise to keep its feathers strong. Give this bird a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of supervised playtime outside of the cage with toys each day and should include social interaction with you.

You will need to monitor its outside-of-cage time. This bird’s highly curious in nature and can end up chewing on electric wires or other parts of your house

Watch the video below for more information..

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    6 reviews for Blue Eyed Cockatoo for Sale

    1. Ben

      I was so lucky to Have Molly, a beautiful Blue eyed cockatoo, intelligent, loyal, strong yet soft. I am enjoying her training as she shows big potential. Thanks again

    2. Gabriel

      He is the most beautiful bird we have ever seen with the best temperament and nature. We really could not be more pleased with him. The service you provided was exceptional and I will definitely recommend this service to anyone I know who is interested in getting a bird.

    3. Charles

      Hello, attached is a photo of Mia. She has settled in very well and gets along very well with the other two birds. As you can see in the photo, she has already taken over the command.

    4. Liam

      Dunkin is doing very well! Had his appointment with the vet today. He is very smart! Thank you for bringing him into our lives. He’s already stolen our hearts.

    5. Andrew

      Thank you! Ella is the sweetest girl!!!

    6. Colin

      Hello! Benny is doing excellent! I love him so much. He’s really the best. Super energetic, very playful. Everyone in fact labels him “The bird that’s always happy.” Abdallah

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