Blue and Gold Macaw


Specie: Blue and Gold Macaw

Health: Very Healthy

Sex: Male

Delivery: USA and Canada

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Available Blue and Gold Macaw For Sale

Healthy male Blue and Gold macaw bird available for sale. Bird is well socialize, weaned and very friendly with other pet animals, docile, loves to take shower, play and cuddle. This Blue and Gold macaw bird will be coming with all its necessary documents including health records and also some play toys. Delivery is within USA and Canada, If you are interested in purchasing or need for information kindly contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Blue and Gold Macaw Personality

The blue and gold macaws for sale is a social bird, loves to participate in challenging games and also known to be good at learning new tricks. The inquisitive nature of this bird makes them one of the best companion pets for any one. Blue and Gold macaws are excellent takers, they are capable of learning more than 20 words and imitate then with clarity if you train them very well. This bird specie is a high maintenance bird and will demand a lot of attention from its keeper.



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