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Baby Goffin Cockatoo

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Baby Goffin Cockatoo

Baby Goffin Cockatoo, this parrot is one of the smallest amongst the cockatoo bird specie making them very energetic and fun to have around. The Goffin cockatoo is very inquisitive and love to participate in mental stimulation games, if you are looking for an intelligent, strong, loyal and active cockatoo parrot then the Goffin cockatoo is just the perfect companion bird for you. This charming parrot is native to Indonesia and is also referred to as the Tanimbar corella. The Goffin cockatoo is 30 centimeters in length and weighs about 300 grams, irrespective of their small size, this pet birds have a very big personality. The Goffin cockatoo is very intelligent, affectionate and loyal parrot capable of bonding with its keeper for a very long time. This birds are often referred to as a one man bird meaning they can bond with one member of the family and completely behave territorial to the other members of the house. Like any other cockatoo parrot, the Goffin cockatoo is capable of imitating certain words and sounds and can get very noisy when they don’t get enough attention.

How To Care For A Cockatoo

The Goffin cockatoo is a very high maintenance parrot to care for. They are very intelligent, loyal, loving and will demand constant attention and care from the keeper as they would with their parents in the wild. During the first months you will be feeding the baby cockatoo with a small container (vial) but it is advisable to purchase a baby parrot that’s over a month old and can eat solid food.

Feed your baby Goffin bird specially formulated bird pellets to make sure you’re meeting his nutritional needs. Then, as your pet gets older, you can start feeding him parrot pellets, fruits, and veggies. Make sure to always keep fresh water in a bowl for him to drink when he sees fit. If you notice any unusual habits or the parrot refuses to eat, quickly make an appointment with the vet for check up.


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