Are you thinking of buying an African grey parrot, then you need to know that they will become a part of your life.  Therefore, it is important to think about your daily routine and if you will be able to let it out of its cage every day. Also, if you will be able to clean the Congo grey parrot and clean up after it every day, and if you can feed and play with it every day since they require a lot of attention.

This takes some emotional effort from the pet owner’s part. So, we advise reflecting throughout your day and seeing if it is possible to responsibly fit an African grey in your daily routine. Many times, pet birds are left abandoned and end up in bird rescues.

African grey parrots are quite large for children, so parents considering buying one for their kids. They should look for birds with smaller claws and beaks such as cockatiels or parakeets. They also require a lot of time to bond, meaning African greys usually bond with the parent rather than the child when taming.

A minimum of one hour a day of playtime is required for your African grey to flourish, but just because this is the minimum does not mean it should be the goal. This can mean allowing them to fly around your home while being supervised, allowing them to use your finger as a perch, or gently cuddling with your African grey.

The natural African grey parrot habitat means a lot of water, especially as in the tropics constant storms usually showers African greys. The high-fat diets that are usually given to them, the oils in our skin, and the reduced frequency of washing mean we need to wash our hands before touching or playing with our pet friends. A final African grey parrot care tip is that veterinary appointments should be regularly made at least once yearly. This can include vaccinations, examinations for parasites or yeast infections, blood testing, and nail trimming.

In addition, placing some healthy, vet-approved greens beside the bathing basin may inspire your bird to join in the fun. Many parrots actually enjoy getting caught up in the fun of nibbling playfully while bathing! The last thing to say about bathing an African grey parrot is that you should never use a hair dryer to dry feathers. This is actually dangerous for parrots. Simply patting your African grey with a soft towel will be sufficient.

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