Best Cage for your Grey Parrot?

Although the African Grey is the largest parrot in Africa, she is closer to medium-sized in comparison to other parrots. I will recommend that you get a large cage that can fit well in the space you have available in your home and that is also in line with your budget. The African grey parrot should be able to fully extend her wings and flap them without touching any of the cage walls.

Generally, the reasonable minimum size of a cage for the African Grey parrot is 36” X 24” x 48” (3 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft). But for a happy parrot, you should go bigger than this so she will have room to move and climb, particularly when you’re away from home.

The length of your parrot’s tail is also a factor in the cage size as you don’t want her tail feathers to become damaged while she’s moving around. The African grey parrot will develop self-destructive habits if you keep them in African Grey cages that are too small for their size.


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