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Welcome to feathered grey parrot home. If you are reading this article the assumption can be made that either you have an african grey parrot or you are considering the options of getting one. Without wasting much of your time we will be providing you with all the information you need when it comes to the African grey bird specie.

After days and hours of long research we were able to come up with a brief summary of everything you need to know about the grey parrot for better understanding whether you have owned a parrot before or not.

Distribution and Habitat

The grey parrot which many still refer to as the Congo grey parrot or the Congo african grey parrot has actually been in existence for a long period of time. This adorable birds originated from the equatorial regions of Africa namely Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Uganda and a few others. According to the research conducted by iucnredlist a vast number of the population of the african grey bird specie is actually decreasing due to trapping for the wild bird trade with habitat loss also having significant impacts throughout West and East Africa.
In the year 2015 a population survey was carried out published stating that the grey specie is almost completely extinct in Ghana found in Africa as the bird was only spotted in ten to fourteen forest areas.

Personality Traits

Over the past years, nothing has been recorded as to the behavioral aspect of the african grey parrot in the wild due to lack of funds to carry out enough research. With that not being the main cause. African grey parrots are known to be prey birds causing them to live in hiding most of the time making it more difficult for any concrete research study to be carried out. Nevertheless, it has been shown that most african grey parrots that habit in the wild are capable of mimicking a wide variety of sounds that they hear same as other grey parrots in captivity. Two greys were recorded while roosting in Zaire and researchers reported that they had a repertoire of over 200 different sounds, including nine imitations of other wild bird songs and one of a bat ( Burger, Joanna (2001).

Breed Traits

The african grey parrot is known to mate with a single partner for life (monogamous) in nature. Each paired parrot live in tree cavities, the hen lays three to five eggs and incubates them for thirty days while the partner goes out in search of food to bring back home. After the hatching period, both parents feed, protect and take care of the chicks until the reach four to five weeks when they fledge and are ready to live the nest at 12 weeks.

Feeding Habits

This birds are frugivorous in nature as the feed mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, insects as well as tree backs meanwhile in captivity the african grey parrot feed on pellets like ZuPreem Natural Bird Food, Higgins InTune Natural Parrot Bird Food, TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets etc. They also feed on cooked foods like sweet potatoes, celery and green beans.

Relation Ship with Humans

This bird specie is highly social and as earlier mentioned above, african grey parrots are monogamous in nature and is mostly spotted in flocks, when they mate or bond with their owners they turn to bond for life. It is impossible to not notice when a grey parrot bonds with you as they will turn to demand a lot of attention and want to be around you all the time. they will want to give you kisses, play with you all the time and even join you to shower. In captivity, the have exhibited competence in the use of human languages to communicate with their owner and also to build social bond.


The young african grey parrot is more exposed to illnesses like psittacine beak and feather disease than the adult parrots. an infected parrot will exhibit symptoms such as feather plucking, sluggishness, lost of appetite and difficulties in walking.

Life Span

African grey parrot is estimated to life for about 23years in the wild while in captivity they can live for more thirty sixty years.


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