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We do offer African grey parrot for sale, we are reputable breeder with confident in the top quality of our birds. These birds are very intelligent, can mimic speech and can learn to be a very good talker if you spend time with him. The Congo African grey bird is just one of many talking birds we have for adoption at Feathered Grey bird Home. We also breed and train birds like Amazon Parrots, Macaw Parrots, Cockatoos, and many other parrot pets.

African Grey Parrot also known as Congo grey is a very popular bird and is well known for their ability to mimic sounds, words that they find pleasant to them and they make a very good pet. Here at the grey home, we provide you with the opportunity to own one of our amazing African Grey bird.

Are you thinking of getting a Congo African Grey Parrot and don’t know what the price is or are you bothered about the distance, worry no more as we have put in place a great team that is responsible to move all our African grey birds both within and across states to their new forever home without any hassle and at a very reasonable price.

African grey Parrot for Sale
Grey African Parrot for Sale
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The Grey African Parrots for Sale

The African Grey bird is said to have two distinct species commonly known as the;

  • Congo African Grey Parrot
  • Timneh Grey Parrot

The Congo African Grey bird is the biggest of the African Grey Parrot specie with a lighter gray color in its plumage and a solid back beak while the Timneh Grey bird is a little bit smaller than the Congo parrot and her feathers is darker in color. If we are to put aside their differences, both the Congo Grey bird and the Timneh Grey birds are very intelligent and will make really amazing home pets.

Why Choose us?

  1. Who are we?

We are a group of well-trained African Grey Parrot breeders with experience of more than 15 years studying, training and putting smiles on the face of countless families and children who are interested in owning a grey companion.  All our available Congo Parrots are well socialized and friendly with other animals.

  1. What is the Delivery Time and Method?

We handle shipment via air freight as well as road transportation depending on your location. We often get questions also like is it safe to fly a parrot? the answer is yes as we use very well-built cages and also the birdie will be coming with a caretaker who will make sure that your birdie is given the right treatment until she reaches you. All air shipments require at most 24 hours to get all the paper works ready while road transport within state will depend on your location but hardly exceed 7 working days.

  1. After Services?

We over 24/7 customer support service to all our customers until you have received your little one and also you can email us for guides or advice needed to take care of your birdie.

Our Available African Grey for Sale


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african grey parrots for sale
african grey parrot for sale
Grey African Parrots for Sale
African grey parrot for sale
African Grey Parrots for Sale
cheap african grey birds for adoption


Owning a Baby Congo grey bird these days is one of the best and exiting feeling one can have as a bird lover. All our available baby Congo Grey birds are hand feed, healthy and up to date with all vaccines and can not wait to join their new forever home.

The African Grey Parrot as well as the Timneh Grey bird as you know is very intelligent and is capable of forming a strong relationship with their owners which might make them to demand a lot of attention. Most families fall in love with these birds because of their ability to mimic sounds and human language which in turn raise the question of “can the African grey parrot really talk?”.

I will take you back to a little birdie called Alex, he was a grey parrot who was capable of answering human questions that was meant for six-year-old at the age of two years. Watch the video below for more.

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The Congo African Grey Parrot Life Span – Size – Weight

  • Life Span: 22 – 37 years in average
  • Weight: 12 ounces – 19 ounces on average
  • Size: 13.5 inches (length)

Why you Should Buy from Us?

All our birds have undergone a series of blood testing and are free from diseases like organ failure, respiratory diseases, circovirus infection which causes psittacine break and feather disease, nasal blockage. Our available Grey birds will be coming home to you with all the necessary health documents, DNA genetic test, veterinarian health certificate as well as some toys and a handbook which will better explain his or her behavior as well as eating habits to enable you facilitate the transition process.

We always advise all the new families that adopt one of our birds to visit a veterinarian within the first three weeks of receiving the grey African parrot to ensure that the baby is healthy, within this period all health issues noticed should be reported immediately to us and we will take all the necessary measures to replace your bird with another one.

Buy Grey African Parrots Online

Before considering to get or Buy African Grey Parrot Online, we are aware that it requires a lot of thinking and decisions to be made that is why you should be informed that African grey birds can be a victim to feather picking, lack of calcium, vitamin-A and vitamin-D deficiency and a few others. To ensure that your bird is healthy you should make efforts to feed them with a wide selection of fruits and vegetables which is high in beta-carotene like cooked sweet potatoes and fresh kale to prevent vitamin deficiencies.


What is the price for a Grey African Parrot?

The price for an African Grey parrot will depend mostly on the breeder as they have different prices depending on the gender of the parrot, age, size and cage. Generally, the African grey parrot will cost between $600 to $5000. Browse our available African Grey parrot for sale page to get the perfect parrot with your budget range.

What is the Life Span of an African Grey Parrot?

The African Grey Parrot is said to have a life span of 23 years in the wild

Can African Grey Parrot Bite?

Yes, African grey parrots turn to be aggressive and also bite when they are scared.

What is the Best Talking Parrot?

The African Grey Parrot is very popular for their ability to mimic sounds and words which they find pleasant to them. The Grey African Parrot is very intelligent and will make a good talking parrot if given the right training.

Lets Keep In Touch Now

    African Grey Parrot Reviews

    Just wanted to let you know that Jacoby has adjusted quite nicely to his new

    surroundings, he is growing fast, understands the outside routine for going to the

    Andrew Palermo / African Grey Parrot Owner
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know just how special our little
    birdie is. She has been in her new home with us for 7 weeks now. We had 20
    people here for Thanksgiving and our little Birdie was a perfect hostess.
    Rick Charron / African Grey Parrot Owner
    This Thanksgiving we were able to celebrate an extra
    special something as we welcomed Lulu into our home as part of our family.
    Already Lulu has had a significant impact on all our lives. Truly we could
    never say thank you enough.
    Esther Martinez / African Grey Parrot Owner

    We have been looking for an African grey parrot for sale for a long time from a reputable breeder in a reasonable time frame. Feathered Grey Parrot Home found us our perfect little Ela and for that I say thank you.

    Jecob Collins / African Grey Parrot Owner

    Ordered an African grey parrot for sale from Canada, and was given a delivery time of 9 hours. I received my grey parrot in 13 hours time after leaving countless messages to the customer support. Please work on giving accurate shipping time frame.

    Lisa Mendez / African Grey Parrot Owner

    After a long search for where we can find a good African grey parrot for sale, my colleague recommended that i visit Feathered Grey Parrot Home. Honestly i am so glad i did, they have a good customer service structure and the delivery as on time as guaranteed.

    Cora Thompkins / African Grey Parrot for Sale Owner
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